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Why do private schools need so many new teachers?

Roughly 12 percent of teachers work in private schools. But more than twice that fraction of new teachers, 28 percent, work in private schools. (Numbers are from the Digest of Education Statistics. They’re probably not perfect, but I suspect they’re close.)

All vs new teachers

Why do private schools have to hire relatively more teachers? It’s not that private schools are growing faster than public schools. It’s not that private school teachers move around more, because a move from one private school to another doesn’t count as being “new” in the government data.

My guess is that being a private school teacher isn’t so attractive as being a public school teacher (on average, obviously lots of exceptions)–so there’s just more turnover. Alternatively, it could be that private schools kick out more teachers and so need to do more hiring. Surely that can’t account for such a huge difference.

There’s no reason why the rate of new teacher hiring should be exactly the same for public and private schools. But this different?

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  1. “12% of teachers work in private schools…more than 2x that fraction of new teachers, 28%, work in private schools” http://t.co/eiLDYIpMev

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