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Teacher salaries, then and now by gender

Last week I showed the relative change in income for teachers versus others over the last 50 years. It’s interesting to break down the comparison by gender. Here’s a picture doing men and women separately.

Historical 2

A couple of interesting facts. Teacher income has gone up for both men and women, although not by much, but income has gone up a heck of a lot less for teachers than it has in the rest of the labor market. Interestingly, while women teachers earn less than male teachers, the gap has closed somewhat over the last half century. Since most teachers, then and now, are on a salary scale, I assume this means a relative increase for women terms of education and years of experience.

Here’s the same data presented a little differently.

Historical 3


Then and now, teaching has been a relatively better-paying job for women than for men. That the majority of teachers are women is surely not a coincidence.

Fifty years ago, teaching paid was an average-income job for women. Nowadays, median income for women teachers is only 80 percent of the income in other professions. The drop for men is also large, dropping from 78 to 61 percent.

Pay matters.

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  1. “median income for women teachers is 80% the income in other professions…for men…61%” http://t.co/g7uJfbIwHw

  2. @mazehr says:

    RT @ChadAldeman: 50 years ago, female teachers made more than female non-teachers. Not anymore: http://t.co/VgY68yC6Az

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