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I strongly favor teacher tenure. Now I know that not everyone agrees. But schools can too easily be politically contentious places, both from inside and as a result of outside pressure. If we want strong teachers, we need to give them protection.

Tenure should not mean total immunity, and it’s clear that all too often it does. What’s more, tenure should be earned. It ought not be automatic. As a practical matter, tenure too often is effectively automatic. (Let me be clear I’m talking about K-12. Tenure in research universities is an entirely different matter.)

The National Council on Teacher Quality has rated states according to how teachers are evaluated for tenure. Here’s a map based on the NCTQ data.


Too much yellow on the map, no?

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  1. @MrPABruno says:

    Probably not the best way to sort tenure rules.//Tenure http://t.co/xvsRvj4A8n

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