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Preparing teachers

Look at this picture, just look at it!

without pedagogical preparation

Richard Ingersoll and coauthors created this picture (except the red arrow, which is mine). So one out of five teachers begin their careers with no practice teaching…except for science teachers where it’s two out of five? Is this nuts, or what!

The researchers show that one way lousy preparation matters is in the how likely teachers are to leave teaching after a relatively short career. As they put it:

the amount of prior practice teaching that new teachers had undertaken was strongly related to their attrition. First-year teachers who had a semester (12 weeks or more) of practice teaching prior to their employment were over three times less likely to depart than those who had no practice teaching at all

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  1. Dulce says:

    That does sound like a fantastic corsue and is something I missed out on by going the alt cert route. That’s why I think these conversations can be so fruitful. Clearly there is no prep program that is doing everything perfectly, but we can pick and choose what worked best from each one and build a model path from there.

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