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Easy A’s

Easy A’s and What’s Behind Them,” by Hannah Putnam, Julie Greenberg, and Kate Walsh at the National Council on Teacher Quality, adds to the evidence that schools of education give out an awful lot of high grades.

The NCTQ folks collected data from hundreds of universities on who got grade-based graduation honors. They found that students in a given university’s school of education were much more likely to receive graduation honors than were students taking other majors. While in principle this could be due to ed students just being much better students, everyone suspects the cause is ed faculty being awfully free with handing out A’s. Here’s one picture from the report.

NCTQ honors

Note that in about 10 percent of the schools, education students were less likely than others to receive graduation honors. And in 30 percent of the schools education students did receive more honors, but the difference wasn’t very large. The telling points are that in a majority of the schools education students were not only more likely to receive honors, they were a lot more likely to receive honors.

The bottom line seems to be that while many schools of education keep their grades in line with grades granted in other disciplines, too many schools of education are too generous handing out the goodies.

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