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NYC tenure…and waiting for the other shoe to drop

New York City, the nation’s largest school district, has made big changes in how teacher tenure is awarded. Susanna Loeb and coauthors find that the change led to a very small increase in tenure denial, but a huge increase in the proportion of cases in which the probationary period was extended and concomitant drop in the number of cases in which tenure was awarded. Or, along the line of one Loeb/Miller/Wycoff picture is worth 1,000 of my words…

NYC tenure

The authors tell us that “extended teachers” are more likely to leave the NYC school system than those who get tenure, as well as being more likely to transfer to another school in New York. Nonetheless, three-quarters of extended teachers are back in the same school the following year.

So what happens next? Do they up their game and earn tenure or is there departure merely delayed a year?

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