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I don’t believe this one

Here are the government’s projections of public school (right axis) and private school (left axis) enrollment.

enrollment projections

Do you believe that private school enrollment is going to drop 20 percent from its year 2000 numbers? Nah, me either.

Any bets someone projected out trends and didn’t take account of private school enrollment falling temporarily due to the Great Recession?

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One Response to I don’t believe this one

  1. Arthur McKee says:

    You may very well be right, but I do wonder about the trend line on number of parochial schools. I think (but do not know) that they provided the bulk of private school enrollments. But that model — depending on faculty who had taken vows of poverty — is no longer viable, and from what I have heard anecdotally a lot of parochial schools have closed for good. I don’t think vouchers have substantially inflected the curve upward.

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