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Alternative certification and bailing on teaching

One of the knocks against some alternative certification routes is that it leads to newbies who teach for a couple of years and then bail. While this may be true for some programs, overall there doesn’t seem to be much difference in retention between teachers educated in standard programs versus those who came through alternative routes. At least that’s the conclusion from the Beginning Teacher Longitudinal Study” released in 2011.

Here’s a little table. No difference that I can see.

Teacher attritionI guess I’m a little surprised.

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3 Responses to Alternative certification and bailing on teaching

  1. Paul Bruno says:

    This looks like it’s over the first two years. For much alt. cert (e.g., TfA), the minimum commitment is 2 years so looking at 3+ years is really where you may expect to see more differences.

    • Dick Startz says:

      A good point. Unfortunately, there is no longer term data publicly available.

      On the narrow two-year commitment question, someone who taught for exactly two years should show up as bailing in the rightmost part of the table. (They taught in 07-08 and 08-09, but were gone in 09-10.) But that doesn’t answer the more general question about what happens after short-term commitments.

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