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Accreditation and SAT targets

The final CAEP accreditation standards are out and, perhaps not surprisingly, CAEP has slowed down implementation of higher SAT requirements for admission to schools of education. Here are the final standards for admitted applicants

The group average performance on a national test, such as the SAT, meets or exceeds

  • the top 50 percent from 2016-2017
  • the top 40 percent from 2018-2019
  • the top 33 percent by 2020

Note there’s no cutoff for individual applicants. But as a practical matter, schools won’t be able to admit very many applicants below some target level and still keep up the school average.

I’ve made a picture–and I warn you that it’s a pretty rough picture–of where I expect the SAT targets are going to be. There’s some trick of the eye about this picture that makes the first target look like it’s going to cause a larger cut than is the case. My estimate is that the 2016-2017 rule corresponds to cutting out about the bottom ten percent of ed majors.

CAEP SAT targets

Three caveats about this picture.

  1. Information about the distribution of SAT scores for ed students is pretty limited, so there’s some guesstimation going on here.
  2. The picture assumes no change in the application pool for ed schools. Surely one hope of the accreditation drive is that improved ed schools will be more attractive to academically strong students.
  3. I’m ignoring differences among ed schools. More on this issue on Wednesday.
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