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Are ed schools easy graders?

For a while now folks have been saying that ed schools are easy graders. Most of the evidence has come from looking at particular schools. But are ed schools as a whole easy graders?….Yeah, they are.

I’ve put together a little table from Baccalaureate and Beyond comparing grades in education courses (excluding student teaching) to overall GPAs.

gpa in ed and overall

Looking at the first row you’ll see that education majors get higher grades in education classes than they get in non-education classes. In and of itself, that might not be very surprising: Math majors probably get better grades in math classes than they do in English classes and English majors probably get better grades in English than they do in math classes.

But look in the second row, the gap between ed grades and overall grades is slightly larger for students who are not education majors than it is for ed majors. That is evidence that ed schools really do hand out higher grades.

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