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More on education majors and GPAs

I’ve put together a few more numbers on GPAs by major. There’s a meme that education majors are academically weak students. And there’s another meme that education schools are quite soft graders. So I’ve looked at both college GPA and high school GPA by major using the Baccalaureate and Beyond Data. (The latter because education schools can’t manipulate high school grades.) And I’ve included economics majors on the theory that what’s good for the gander, etc.

GPA by disciplineEducation majors get slightly better grades in college than do college students in general and looked exactly the same (grade-wise) when in high school as college students in general. So we should be a bit more circumspect in describing education students as academically weak.

Mind you, I think teaching is a tough job requiring above average academic talent. So I’d like to see education students looking better than average.


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