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Raising standards: Who else’s ox gets gored

Last week I looked at how CAEP’s proposed admission standards for students attending ed schools might effect different kinds of schools. Today, I’ve redone the analysis for colleges of different selectivity levels. Additionally I’ve asked what would happen if the final standards were based on SATs of high school seniors, as compared to what would happen if they were based on SAT scores of those who eventually graduate college–the latter being more relevant to teachers but also a stricter standard.

Ed major SAT by selectivity

Don’t take these numbers as being exact. There was a fair amount of guesstimation involved in creating them. Having said that, the differences in impact across different kinds of colleges are striking. I wonder what this suggests for the politics of the proposed accreditation standards?

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  1. Adam W. says:

    Might this just lead to more people skipping the ed major and opting for alternative certification?

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