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Raising standards: Whose ox gets gored?

CAEP is proposing to raise admission standards for students attending ed schools. A key provision requires schools to admit students whose SAT scores average in the top third. Meeting the new standard will be easy for some schools, less easy for others.

I’ve done some back of the envelope calculations on the fraction of education majors currently enrolled in different kinds of colleges who would likely be cut by the new standard.

SAT by institution type

Take these with a grain of salt, the calculations behind the table are pretty rough. (My guess is that I’ve been overly optimistic and that more trimming will take place than I’ve estimated.) Having said that, the elite private, doctoral universities won’t have a  very hard time meeting the new standard. The public, non-doctoral colleges are going to faced with considerable downsizing unless they find a way to become more attractive to better scoring students.

All this may be exactly what’s needed to raise standards in schools of education, but it’s going to make for some interesting politics.

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