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Teacher training and teaching over the last decade

On Monday I looked at whether undergraduate education majors who received their degree in 2007-2008 were teaching the year after graduation. Have the numbers gotten worse over time?

Looks that way.

Compare the 2007-2008 numbers to the numbers 8 years earlier. The drop in the fraction teaching is noteworthy. (A reminder: Hiring for the 2008 school year took place largely before any Great Recession induced cutbacks.)

bac and beyond table 2

Two additional pieces of data may be of interest. (1) The numbers from the 1993 graduating class, who were checked on 3 years after graduation rather than 1 year after, look pretty much like the 2000 numbers. (2) The number of new BA’s in education was just slightly lower (about 3 percent) in 2008 than it had been in 2000.

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