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Putting together the numbers

Harvard’s Strategic Data Project has put together a bunch of new numbers on the Los Angeles schools. (Thanks to NCTQ’s PDQ for the lead.) While the results for L.A. differ in some ways from what might be found in other districts, they’re not terribly atypical.

  • In math, students of Teach for America and Career Ladder teachers outperform students of other novice teachers by one or two months of learning.
  • First-year teachers are routinely assigned to students who are academically trailing.
  • In math, teachers with five years experience outperform novice teachers by the equivalent of three months of extra learning. Teachers with advanced degrees don’t outperform those without advanced degrees.

And here’s the one I find most telling. Compare teachers who were in the top 25 percent in their first two years of teaching to teachers in the bottom 25 percent. Then look at the students of the two groups in the their third year. The students of the top group beat the students of the bottom group by nearly seven months of learning.


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