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Wow, lots of newbie teachers

If you want to know what’s changed about who’s teaching? Here’s a “one picture is worth a thousand words” summary that appears in Richard Ingersoll and Lisa Merrill’s “Seven Trends” paper.

The fraction of teachers with under a decade of experience has skyrocketed.

The drastic increase in inexperienced teachers is the big take-away, but let’s parse the picture a little finer. First, thing is that the diagram shows how the number of teachers at different experience levels changed over two decades. Over the same period the number of teachers rose about 50 percent. So the increase in the proportion of inexperienced teachers isn’t quite so dramatic as it appears in the chart.

Next, the evidence on the importance of teacher experience suggests that the learning curve is very steep, but levels out with somewhere around three to five years of experience. So the the drop in experience levels between five and ten years might not be a great concern.

But the increase in newbie teachers, say up to three years experience…Let’s just say “oh, wow.”

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