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Standing Lake Woebegon on its head

New York City has released teacher rankings. It’s about the stupidist situation since, well since Los Angeles released teacher rankings. Teachers should be rated and the ratings should be used. But conducting employee reviews in public is no way to run the ed-biz. Rick Hanushek says it well in Education Next.

Nobody would ever advocate making personnel decisions through public posting of evaluations in the newspaper. The public release of value-added scores for 18,000 New York City teachers last week should not be taken as a model for how to run the human resource departments of the schools.

But Rick also goes on to discuss the greater context. Lot’s of people don’t want teachers evaluated at all. Or they want the evaluations to have no consequences. (Aside: What really gets me ticked is the politicians who refuse to support positive consequences, i.e. big raises, for the teachers who do really well.) Releasing evaluations is part of the political battle to make evaluations matter. But go read Rick’s whole article.

Wednesday and Friday–comments on making teacher rankings more useful.

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