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What training characteristics make for a good teacher? Who knows–again!

Matthew Chingos and Paul Peterson looked through a massive data set of Florida teachers, linking up the value-added scores of each teacher’s students with the teacher’s training and experience. (“It’s easier to pick a good teacher than to train one.”) They confirm–more or less–what others have found with other data.

  • Master’s degrees don’t help.
  • Going to a selective college doesn’t help.
  • Undergraduate major doesn’t matter.
  • National Board Certified Teachers perform better. This is because the NBPTS identifies better teachers, not because the certification process improves teaching.
  • Teachers improve a lot in the first few years on the job, but not after that.
  • Failing the teacher certification test is a bad sign.

One finding that’s a little different: The authors find at least some evidence that teaching results turn down some after many years teaching.

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