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Sara Champion has written what looks to me to be the best ever paper measuring moonlighting by teachers. I learned a number of interesting facts.

  • Not very many people moonlight. Not very many teachers moonlight either. But teachers are more likely than others to work a second job. About 11 percent of teachers moonlight in “regular jobs” (ones reported to state employment offices in the usual way). Maybe a total of 20 percent moonlight in total.
  • Those who moonlight add, very roughly, 10~ 11 percent to their teaching salary.
  • Low paid teachers are more likely to moonlight.
  • It appears that an hour of extra moonlighting offsets about one hour of teaching work. (We’re talking about unpaid teaching work, not contractually required work.)

And perhaps most interestingly,

  • In schools subject to accountability measures (generally low-performing schools), moonlighting rates fell.
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