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How Do Effective Schools Get Effective Teachers?

Since teachers are so important to effective schools, it’s awfully useful to understand how it is that good schools end up with good teachers. Susanna Loeb and colleagues have a new paper that looks at the pattern of match-ups in the Miami-Dade County school district (the nation’s third largest). What they did was look at value added measures for individual teachers and for schools and checked what went with what.

  • Among teachers who transfer schools, better schools attract better teachers even controlling for characteristics of the schools such as poverty rates. The data can’t distinguish whether these schools do a better job of selecting teachers or whether better teachers prefer better schools. The effect is somewhat stronger for math than for reading.
  • Novice teachers are assigned lower achieving students. But highly effective schools do this much less.
  • Teachers assigned to high performing schools increase their own performance faster than teachers assigned to not so effective schools.
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